Corber’s Gap/Mini World’s End

A drive of 30km and then a 1km walk will take you to the view point of Corber’s Gap. Enjoy the picturescue view from Corber’s Gap or Mini World’s End which will make this trip always memorable.



Visit to Bambarakelle 25km away, which was the last hide out of King Sri Wickramarajasinghe – the last King of Sri Lanka.


Bambaragala Temple

Just 10km away – visit the ancient temple of Bamabaragala which has over 1000 years of history. The temple which is situated close to the Victoria Golf Club is located on a small rocky hillock and has a picturesque view around it. Enjoy a visit to a temple with a peaceful and soothing atmosphere.


Dhambana, Mahaiyangana – The Veddha Village

Experience a half day stay with the Veddhas of Sri Lanka. An experience never to forget!! Familiarize yourself with their life-style and enjoy a 2.5 hour tour in the jungles of Dambana and watch the veddhas perform:

  • Dancing
  • Trapping
  • Harvesting honey from hives
  • Rituals to Deities

Finally enjoy a visit to the Veddha Chieftain’s humble abode.

A picnic lunch will be provided in the village. This tour will require 1 whole day as Dambane is 70km away from Oruthota Chalets.